Emotional Skills and Lie Detection for Negotiators and Lawyers

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Sole authorized provider to lawyers and negotiators for Paul Ekman, Clark Freshman and his training collaborators offer in house and general enrollment seminars for lawyers, negotiators, other professionals – and anyone eager to learn.

Training collaborators include:

Training materials include the microexpression and subtle expression training tools developed by Paul Ekman – and proven to increase recognition of emotion, even for those with autism and schizophrenia. Video examples include examples from Ekman’s research of lies about popular issues like capital punishment, lies about crimes; simulated negotiations with a Cheers actor developed by Clark at Harvard Business School.

Day long classes are approved for eight hours of CLE credit, including one hour of legal ethics credit.

One Hour Introductions

Introduction: Mastering the Art and Science Behind Fox’s Lie to Me

A one to two hour introduction: How the face reveals concealed emotions and thoughts; how culture does – and does not – affect emotion; common myths about lie detection; paths to catch lies – and gather truth.

Introduction: Fox’s Lie to Me for Lawyers: Science and Skills

Why lawyers miss crucial information – in negotiation, in depositions, in court, and with clients. Read emotions across cultures.

Half Day Introductions

Half Day Intro: Seeing Hidden Truth in the Face: Emotions and More

Includes the training proven in published research to improve recognition of hidden emotions; what hidden emotions do – and don’t – reveal; how to deal with hidden emotions and others. Lawyer programs include Introduction to using clues for negotiation and advocacy, including video examples from trials and simulated negotiation.

Half Day Advanced: Hidden Messages Outside the Face (Body Movement; Voice; Verbal Style; Verbal Content).

It sounds great: eye movements reveal truth! But it’s dead wrong. Discover which movements of the body reveal hidden messages and broadcast potential lies. Learn how verbal style and verbal content may reveal hidden messages and potential lies. Half Day Advanced for lawyers includes examples for use in jury selection, including lies about views on capital punishment; hidden messages at trial and/or deposition.

Half Day Advanced: Winning Negotiations with Emotion

Apply the science of working with emotions and the science of negotiation success. Introduction to how emotions affect negotiation – both positive and negative emotions. Developing an emotional strategy. Testing the emotional strategy. Winning at negotiation. Includes extensive use of simulated negotiation videos developed by Clark Freshman at Harvard Business School.

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