Emotional Skills and Lie Detection for Negotiators and Lawyers

Keynote speaking

Clark Freshman is available for keynote speaking on negotiation, lie detection, and related topics below.  Keynote and lead speaking engagements include those at Clarium Capital, the National Association of State Bar Examiners, national associations of dental ethics investigators, Harvard Business School, Yale Law School, and elsewhere.

“How to Spot the Next Madoff”

  • Prior version given to Columbia Business School
  • How microexpressions and other behavior raise yellow flags
  • Why microexpressions and other techniques from Paul Ekman spot fraud when others miss them
  • Why microexpressions of duping delight reveal lies even when sociopaths and narcissists tell them

“Lie to Me: The Science and Art in One Hour”

  • Why Paul Ekman is and isn’t special
  • Why most people don’t detect lies
  • How microexpressions reveal lies
  • How microexpressions alone don’t reveal lies
  • Common myths in questioning liars
  • Other approaches to lie detection

“Negotiation, Emotion, and Lie Detection”

  • Presented to limited partners at Vector Capital
  • The dangerous myth of emotional intelligence
  • Learning emotional skills
  • How emotion affects negotiation – not just negative emotion
  • Learning to set emotional targets
  • Using microexpressions and facial recognition to test emotional targets
  • Using microexpressions to probe real interests
  • Why venting fails
  • Why active listening fails

“Women, Diversity, and Negotiation”

  • Why women often do worse in negotiation
  • How women can use microexpressions to negotiate better
  • How culture rarely affects microexpressions
  • How women and minorities don’t get taken seriously
  • How women and minorities can spot bigots – even unconscious bigots

Meditation and Mindfulness for Lawyers

  • The hard science behind meditation and happiness
  • The science behind meditation and lawyer success
  • Techniques besides mindfulness

Arbitration: What Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You

  • Why arbitration can cost more than going to court
  • Why the arbitration “agreement” your lawyer won’t may not get enforced when you need it
  • Class actions in arbitration: no longer a myth
  • How to save money in arbitration
  • Alternatives to arbitration