Emotional Skills and Lie Detection for Negotiators and Lawyers

Is Sheen Lying about His Drug Use?

Charlie Sheen: Not Bipolar but ‘Bi-Winning’

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  1. No deflection just in your face here it is accept it as is or go to hell. Just George Carlin style give to the world kick them in the balls style. Hell Tigerblood is a dam meme right now.

    Anyway good luck with your fight against the G-man Clark. Looking forward (if you do follow through with the suit) to the court case.

    Btw you might want to also consider changing the sub heading up there to
    Emotional Skills and Lie Detection for Negotiators, Lawyers & Debaters.

  2. Zora says:

    Since I treat addicts and alcoholics, as well as people with other issues, I would just assume that he’s lying even though I couldn’t pick out any specific signs. My response to him would be, “Cut the crap! I don’t have my boots on!”. While it may not sound very clinical, it usually works.

  3. Clark says:

    Yes, sometimes an accusation can be helpful. One of the things that I try to teach is: when does one accuse? If one accuses too early, then someone may get very agitated. Later on, you can’t tell if the agitation is from the question you asked or from the accusation! At some point, though, an accusation can be something that triggers an automatic confession, like a slight nod of the head of yes! Very useful.

  4. elena says:

    i am new to this, i’ve been watching both videos of sheen here and i believe he is lying. i belive his body language is exaggerated, he also talks alot as if he was nervous, he never gives direct answers to direct questions…

    in the past few days i was seeking the truth after i found out one of my “friends” lied to me, faking a suicide. this thing scared me so now i want to learn more about clinical liars.

    how was my evaluation?

  5. Daniel From Australia says:

    i picked up many facial expressions whilst sheen was speaking in the interview
    two of the main ones being ‘anger’ (the squinting of his eyes) when he refers to his new life
    and a big one i picked up is in 3.24 where he tries to convince that he believes his life is better now when at 3:24 he nodds side to side whilst he is saying yes

    these are what i have picked up clark please respond to me and let me know what you think of what i have picked up.

  6. Guy Parent says:

    No, I don’t see him as lying but I’m not sure whether his apathetical mind could differentiate between a lie and the truth. He believes what he says is Christ-like or at the very least all seeing from a place where he views humanity as lesser than himself. He admits being an immortal self centered rush junkie who invents his own morals and takes zero ownership for anyone other than himself.
    My question is… Can someone believing they’re superior with an acting background and training to suppress or change emotions also control facial and microexpressions in an interview?

  7. Clark says:

    That is so terrible about your friend – I hope you are both okay. Suicide is such a terrible thing, and a leading cause of death among younger people. I wonder if the lie was a kind of cry for help?

    You raise two interesting points:

    First, you are correct to notice that he does not answer questions directly. For many people, this can be a sign of lying. But, for some people, this is their “baseline” – what they do even when they tell the truth.

    Second, you notice that he seems nervous. This is also a good observation. It raises two questions: How do you know he is? This is an easy case, but many people conceal their anxiety, and it takes real training to spot the ways it “leaks” out. For example, many times people have a microexpression of fear in their face, but people don’t know where to look – you can be too busy staring at their eyes or thinking of just the words. Also, as before, you may want to consider why Shean is anxious – is it lying or could it be something else?

  8. Clark says:

    You ask a good question, and it is a bit too narrow. Yes, some people can control their expressions better than others. There is no very good research on this systematically that is published, but I’ve certainly seen a wide range. For example, in the vicinity of your question, we know that, when people lie, seventy percent of the time, they show microexpressions. But thirty per cent of the time they don’t. Are they controlling their feelings? Or are they not having them? We can’t be sure so this doesn’t really answer your question.

    Even if people could control their facial and microexpressions, lies and deception leak out in many other ways. For example, many men leak their emotions because they shake their legs when anxious – a reason to always set up meetings so you can see their legs

  9. Guy Parent says:

    Thanks for the response Clark. In that case, notwithstanding his eye movement, Sheen must be one living release valve. I’ve seen a jack in the box with more extremity control.

  10. Clark says:

    Yes, that is one possibility: he could just be very extreme person. Sometimes extreme people are very hard to judge because we confuse the way they act all the time with the way that average people act only when they are under stress, thinking hard, feeling unusual emotions – and/or lying!

  11. dhaval says:

    i beleive sheen his eyes and voice tone are linear with what he says

  12. Cam Jones-94Wales says:

    I agree with Daniel from Australia. I also noticed a lot of anger but more from the way he brought his eyebrows together and also noticed the head movement. However I didn’t think I saw it move to side, I thought he just brought his head down to cover his neck. Still, I think that the biggest lies in the videos are the lies sheen tells himself, I think he may try and make himself believe that he is spreading ‘passion’ to people.

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