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Is Sheen Lying about His Drug Use?

Charlie Sheen on his regrets

7 Responses to “Is Sheen Lying about His Drug Use?”

  1. […] Now try again.  Look at this video of another interviewer asking Sheen if he is using drugs now. […]

  2. Tony says:

    There is so much going on with this guy! I’m overwhelmed with the information. How can you possibly know if he’s lying or just stoned?

  3. Zora says:

    He’s so much calmer in this video that I would tend to believe him. His body language is much less distracting.

  4. Clark says:

    Yes, that is a very good general observation. One of the interesting things is that one can also learn through our training to notice more specific things as well. Sometimes a general impression will be useful. But often what is most useful are the variations from the general impression. If you learn to see microexpressions, then you can notice when someone is generally calm – but then notice that he can show signs of contempt when asked certain questions.

  5. Steve says:

    I would say he is lying. Sometimes when people repeat the question without directly answering, this can also be an indicator

  6. Jax says:

    I noticed a flicker of contempt on the left side of his mouth right before he said “I don’t count my days” and when he was discussing the “policing” of AA. Based on this and the other video I would say that he shows contempt primarily on the left side of the face, which could be consistent with it being a micro-expression or evidence that it is intentional… I suppose it depends on how good of an actor he really is, but he also does not seem to be hiding verbally his disdain of the 12-step program. There was an additional micro-expression of disgust right after he said, “Yeah, but I guess there is some…”.

  7. Jax says:

    Also, I agree about his calmness in this interview in relation to the other one, although I think it may be a product of his body language contrasting that of the interviewer in the second interview. She’s attacking but stoical so he compensates and reacts with over-animation. The thing that seems particularly revealing to me in the second interview is that he is shaking his head “no” when talking about how his relationship to his kids is better and he is “harnessing absolute focus.” He also shows contempt (again on the left side) when arguing the semantics of the words “ingested” and “labels.” He’s clearly taking pleasure in his own shock value, so he may even be exaggerating.

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